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Revita Light LED Slim Lipo

Enjoy 20-30 minutes of relaxing Infrared light, dry heat, aromatherapy, massage, and jade stones for wellness. Burn up to 600 calories per session in this personal sauna pod.

LED Lipo Body Contouring

Body Contouring is a procedure that helps remove excess skin and fat, including tightening skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Revita Light LED Lipo is a safe, risk free way to slim down and tone up
These pads are packed with red LED lights which are applied to the part of the body you want to slim or tone. You relax and let the lights do the work! The light will liquefy the contents inside the fat cell and is picked up by the lymphatic system, which will aid in the removal of the fat from your body. After a treatment session, included is a 15 minute session on our body vibration machine.Patients are also encouraged to follow a low-fat cleanse diet. Slim down today with this holistic treatment. Call us today and book your appointment!
Revita Light - Skin Rejuvenation in Cheektowaga, NY

What is LED Light Body Contouring?

Red light body contouring is 100% natural, risk-free, non-invasive, painless, requires zero downtime and sage for all ages, skin types and all people.
Red Light Contouring- Skin Rejuvenation in Cheektowaga, NY
LED Lipo - Skin Rejuvenation in Cheektowaga, NY
Lipo Fat Mircroscope - Skin Rejuvenation in Cheektowaga, NY

Real Results!!

Before and After Result - Skin Rejuvenation in Cheektowaga, NY
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