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Flawless Versa Spa Tanning Provided by Extreme Sun Capsule


Versa Spa Tanning

Are you tired of getting spray tans that do not last, are the wrong color, or just don't cover your entire body? Extreme Sun Capsule offers sunless tanning solutions which utilize the advanced technology of Versa Spa products!

VersaSpa combines the science of skincare with some of the most advanced tanning technology on the market. We will give you a spray tan that will actually rejuvenate your skin cells while giving you a golden, sun-kissed look. The secret of our spray tan is in its unique blend. A combination of green and brown marine algae will transform your skin while you spray tan, moisturizing and oxygenating it to give you a healthy glow. Walk-ins accepted.

Three benefits of sunless spray tanning

Get the bronzed look you want without exposing your delicate skin to the sun's harmful rays. Extreme Sun Capsule offers Versa Spa sunless tanning to give you a beautiful, healthy glow year-round! Sunless spray tanning is the safer, easier way to tan. Sunless spray tanning will:

  • Give you an even, streak-free tan
  • Help even your skin tone and cover any blemishes
Protect your skin while getting a gorgeous sunless spray tan that rejuvenates your skin. Try Versa Spa sunless tanning at Extreme Sun Capsule today!
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